Our Purpose


Canines have been used to assist humans with handicaps since the early 1920’s when the first assistance dog was trained to guide its blind owner through city streets. Since then canines have been trained in numerous day to day tasks to assist their owner in everyday life and in some cases, find or call for help for their owners. Today with the Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans returning home, established assistance dog schools have been overrun with applicants. This forces the schools to adopt a set training program that fits the needs of some but, not all the veteran applicants. Often the veterans in most need of an assistance canine cannot be accommodated because his or her particular disability is not covered in the set training model.

When a soldier is first wounded on the field of battle the medic in his unit contacts the nearest base hospital and requests an immediate medical evacuation of the wounded soldier. The medic is then required to provide nine lines of information (vitals, type of wound, the number of wounds, etc.) in order for the helicopter to respond to rescue that soldier from the battlefield.

We are K-9 LINE, we not only intend to rescue our returning veterans and help them adjust to their new life at home, we also use canines rescued from local animal shelters,  providing them the help and support they need. Our trainers are all veterans themselves and have worked for years as military and contracted canine handlers in Iraq and or Afghanistan.